Engineer Corps Veterans Association # 580172211

Activitis description


  1. Fostering connection between the corps's veterans (reservists) and the active duty Corps's soldiers.
  2. Fostering maintaining and teaching the Corps's heritage and history by collecting, publishing, advertising and distributing the materials.
  3. Fostering and maintaining the Corps's Heritage Sites.
  4. Fostering the connection between the different Corps's units and the wounded and disabled and their families. Enhance and assist with the rehabilitation of the wounded and disabled.
  5. Assist the Corps's military service released soldiers to enter the "civilians" community.
  6. Assist and keep connection with the families of the Corps's veterans including maintaining contact with the wives of deceased members and/or those who are witnessing hardships may it be family or economic.
  7. Initiate, build and operate a central site which will serve the Association as a National Corps's Heritage Center, educational Center and as a center for activities.
  8. Assist the corps with different corps events.
  9. Facilitation of exchange and connection with similar associations abroad