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The 2500 seats Amphitheater is located at the Engineer Corps's commemorative site. This particular sight and especially the site of the amphitheater was chosen at it served as the convergence place for the forces that participated in the breakthrough and the building of the “Burma Road”, the road which helped to end the siege on Jerusalem in 1948, the War of Independence.

The Amphitheater is the site for many events connected to the corps's everyday life, to the families of the soldiers, the veterans and their families, the disabled and wounded soldiers of the past wars and combat activities and the families of the fallen.

Every year the new recruits swear their allegiance to the IDF when they are start their compulsory service. The corps's soldiers who finish different courses do it at the site's Amphitheater.

The new officers are decorated with their ranks in the Amphitheater.

The Corps shows it's appreciation to the disabled and their families annually.

In addition to all the above, other IDF units use the Amphitheater for their own purposes at celebrate the end of different courses etc.


For $500,000, The Engineer Corps Veterans Association if offering to name the Amphitheater in memory of Kal Zeff and create the National Engineer Corps Heritage Center which will also carry his name. This donation is tax deductible and can be spread over two to five years.


Attached are photos of the Amphitheater as it is today and photos taken by the people who participated in the Burma Road breakthrough.